Eating Trout
Tasty, Healthy and Sustainable

Trout is low in both fat and calories, with high levels of A and B Vitamins, calcium, selenium and the vital Omega-3. Trout is also quick and easy to cook, as well as being very versatile.

Baked British Trout with Fennel and Orange and Dill Hollandaise

This stunning seasonal recipe has been created by chef Tim Maddams. Use a large whole trout or one small trout per person.

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BBQ British Trout Steaks with Pickled Cucumber and Garlic Mayo

Planning a barbie? Try Tim Maddams juicy BBQ Trout Steaks.

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BBQ Tandoori Trout with Coriander and Mint Yoghurt and Pickled Red Onions

Make the most of the late summer weather by throwing some trout on the barbie. Tim Maddams's Tandoori Trout can be cooked straight on the ...

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British Trout and Watercress Fishcakes

There are a few processes here and it does take a little bit of time but they are well worth the effort. I like to make a big double batch ...

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