Super Tasty Soy and Seven Spice Trout Fillets

“Easy, quick, next level tasty and light on the washing up - this trout dish is the perfect midweek supper” – Tim Maddams

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Pan-Fried Trout with Mushrooms and Tarragon

“Here we are going to braise some lovely mushrooms with a little wine and a few other bits and bobs, before popping a couple of pan-fried ...

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Cheat-y Smoked Trout Risotto

“Risotto, what a faff eh? Well, while a full on properly made risotto is a delicious thing and often worth the effort, in today’s ...

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Trout Mac and Cheese

“This super simple twist on the classic has a couple of steps to it, but is worth the effort, especially as once you have the sauce made ...

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Watercress Baked Trout with Eggs and Sour Cream

With thanks to Tim Maddams for this delicious recipe which is a joy to make, far quicker and simpler to do than it appears and tastes – a ...

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Smoked Trout Stir-fry with Noodles

We are all familiar with stir-fry – but the use of smoked fish like trout is unusual – it works exceptionally well here, adding an ...

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