Trout Breeds

Rainbow Trout (Onchorynchus Mykiss)rainbow trout

  • The rainbow trout is now known as Onchorynchus Mykiss but was known, until recently, as Salmo Gairdneri.
  • Although native to lakes and streams of North-West America, Rainbow Trout has been introduced to regions throughout the world including Australasia, South America and South Africa. It is now the main breed of trout to be farmed commercially.
  • Rainbow trout can be distinguished by the broad purple or violet band along its flanks and the black spots on the tail fin.
  • There is a migratory breed of Rainbow Trout known as the Steelhead. Steelheads are anadromous fish which means they only visit freshwater from the sea to spawn.
  • Rainbow trout are also highly prized as game fish because they fight hard, leaping high out of the water.

Brown Trout: (Salmo Trutta)brown trout

  • Also known as the River or Lake Trout, the Brown Trout is indigenous to many European countries including Britain.
  • The species displays a widely varied appearance with colouring and shape depending on where it is found. Most commonly adult fish are brownish with numerous black and rusty red spots on its upper sides and its adipose fin is edged with orange.
  • The freshwater Brown Trout is found in a variety of habitats from small brooks to large rivers and lakes. A saltwater variety found typically in coastal waters of northern Europe is known as the sea trout.
  • Brown trout in small rivers grow to about 30 cm long while the sea trout has been known to reach 1.4m.


Golden Trout: (Oncorhynchis Mykiss Aguabonita)golden trout

  • Originating in the high altitudes of the northern Rocky Mountains of the United States the Golden Trout has been called the “fish from heaven” by the Americans.
  • The distinctive sandy gold colouring of the fish means it is particularly conspicuous to predators like herons and farming conditions are carefully designed to offer maximum protection.
  • Only two producers in the UK currently farm this unusual variety of trout for consumption.