Eating Trout

Trout is low in both fat (a third of the fat of salmon) and calories (just 135kcals per 100g), with high levels of A and B vitamins, calcium, selenium and the vital Omega-3. Trout is also quick and easy to cook, as well as being very versatile.

Trout is available all year round from supermarkets, individual shops, fishmongers or direct from fish-farm shops. It can be purchased fresh or frozen, as fillets, steaks or whole fish and also comes in hot and cold smoked varieties.

Preparing Trout

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Cooking Trout

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Dr Lucy Williamson

Our Resident Nutritionist

We’ve teamed up with Dr Lucy Williamson, a Registered Nutritionist, to share all the benefits of eating trout!

Lucy has a Masters’ degree in Nutrition from King’s College, London, and works to inform & inspire better health for all through clear, evidence-based nutrition science. Previously a Vet, she is passionate in her work with British food producers providing nutrition support to build customer awareness of healthy foods. She is also a Visiting Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at Hertfordshire University, Ambassador for the Love British Food campaign and runs her own Nutrition consultancy, engaging with the public through schools and events to share nutrition science.

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