Trout head and fillets on ice



The British Trout Association was set up in 1983 and represents in the region of 80% of trout production in the UK. It has over 100 members made up of trout farmers, feed suppliers and a number of aquacultural academics. The Association is entirely funded by trout farmers and feed suppliers and receives no direct funding from the Government.

The British Trout Association Ltd (BTA) represents the UK trout farming industry and aims to provide a legislative framework for the industry, to support research and development and to promote marketing activities within the industry.

The BTA plays a pivotal role in the continuing development of the industry on three fronts:

– Ensuring that the UK trout industry has a reasonable legislative framework within which to operate
– Maintaining a structured and relevant programme of research and development
– Providing an appropriate level of generic promotion to underpin the marketing activities ongoing within the industry

To ensure that the industry maintains a high profile in Europe, the BTA has a seat on the Federation of Aquaculture Producers and COPA/COGECA, which is the European grouping of farmer’s unions and co-operatives.

British Trout Association Ltd (BTA) is a company registered in England and Wales

Company number: 24021R

Registered Office: 2 Enterprise House, Cherry Orchard Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire  SP2 7LD

VAT Number: 381 8534 31