Cooking with Trout

Two trout side by side with a lemon and some parsley.BAKED

Whole fish, steaks and fillets can be oven-baked in a greased dish or wrapped in individual foil parcels and baked in a medium oven. In each case, top with a knobof butter and moisten with a little fruit juice, wine or cider. Allow 20/30 mins for
portion-size fish and steaks


Use whole or boned fish, steaks or fillets. Dust with seasoned flour and fry in a
little oil or butter for 5 minutes each side. Serve simply with a squeeze of lemon,
herb butter or mayonnaise.


When cooking whole trout, slash thickest part 3 times on each side and brush
lightly with oil. Alternatively, brush steaks with oil on both sides. Lay in pan and
grill 5/8 minutes each side depending on thickness. Serve with a squeeze of


Trout cooks perfectly in a microwave oven, either fresh or frozen. As cooking
times vary for each make of microwave, refer to the instruction manual for
cooking fish. As a general rule, trout take from 4/6 mins cooking time when
simply prepared, stuffed trout take a little longer. Slash thickest part several times
on each side of whole fish for even cooking.


Use whole fish or steaks and enough boiling, lighted salted water to cover.
Poach gently for 10/12 minutes and drain. Serve hot and cold with butter sauce
or mayonnaise. Steam steaks or fillets after seasoning lightly, using a steamer or
by placing between two plates over boiling water.


There are two types of smoked trout – ‘hot’ smoked and ‘cold’ smoked and both are available from the supermarket or local trout farm shop.

‘Hot’ smoked trout is usually served with the skin removed, and the head and tail either on or off as preferred. ‘Hot’ smoked trout is a versatile cooking ingredient and can be used in patés, quiches and soufflés. It can be served with lemon wedges, horseradish and brown bread and butter.

‘Cold’ smoked trout is generally sold in packs of slices. It can be served with lemon, black pepper and brown bread and butter.