Trout on iceTrout is a member of the Salmon (Salmonidae) family of freshwater fish, which also includes salmon, char and grayling. Salmonids are the only freshwater fish to have an adipose fin, a small extra fin between the dorsal and tail-fins.

Trout Statistics

  • Trout rang up retail sales of £22.02 million in Great Britain in 1999
  • Fresh trout accounted for £19.3 million in sales, smoked trout £1.7 million and frozen trout £1.02 million

Source: Taylor Nelson Sofres, AGB Superpanel

Total Fish Statistics

  • Total retail fish sales in Great Britain (excluding canned fish) totalled £1.056 billion in 1999, a staggering 200,967 tonnes.
  • Frozen fish is the largest market, accounting for £538.1 million in sales (115,830 tonnes), followed by fresh (wet/smoked) fish at £435 million(70,896 tonnes) and ready meals £83 million (14,241 tonnes)
  • Caterers in Britain cooked their way through 153,200 tonnes of fish during 1999.

Source: Foodservice Intelligence Ltd