Trout with Soy & Noodles

TinT R1 SoyNoodles



Per person…

1 x skinless fillet of trout

1 nest of dried noodles (approx 65g)

A good drizzle of rapeseed oil

2 spring onions

Soy sauce



  • Boil kettle and place noodles in a bowl. Pour boiling water straight over noodles and leave to soften for 5 minutes. Stir once or twice with a fork to separate strands.
  • Cut up trout into bite sized pieces.
  • In a hot frying pan or wok, drizzle the oil and add trout. Cook for a couple of minutes then flip the bits with a fish slice or wooden spoon.
  • Clean and slice spring onions and add.
  • Drain noodles in a sieve or colander and add to pan with a good shake of soy sauce.
  • Stir carefully to combine and serve immediately with a twist of pepper.

Ready in 5!

Easy variation – add some grated root ginger for extra zing!