Trout on Ciabatta




Per person…

1 x skinless fillet of trout or hot smoked trout

A few slices of cucumber

Jar of tartare sauce

Bread/ciabatta and butter





  • If baking a fillet of fresh trout, place on a piece of tin foil or parchment on a baking tray in a hot oven (190 C/Gas 5) for 8 minutes. If you use foil you won’t even need to wash the baking tray! The fish is cooked when it looks paler and opaque, and flakes easily. Alternatively use hot smoked trout that is ready to eat.
  • Butter a slice of your favourite bread – ciabatta/sourdough/wholemeal and place on a serving plate.
  • Add slices of cucumber and flake your trout on top – it can be warm or cold.
  • Top with a dollop of tartare sauce for a delicious light meal.

Ready in 9!

Tip – Cook 2 fillets in the oven at the same time. Store one in the fridge then you have it ready for a salad or ciabatta the following day. Have with mayo if tartare is not your bag.