BTA at Aquaculture Europe 2016

A great few days at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, many thanks to all the speakers who contributed to what has been a very productive couple of days. Many thanks again.


“Trout In Ten” Campaign launched






To coincide with National Seafood Week, the BTA launched a “Trout in Ten” social media campaign issuing a daily trout recipe which can be prepared in 10 minutes and under.  View our posts and tweets here:


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Trio of trout – restaurant-style but easy to make at home

Look what you can create with rainbow trout (and professional tuition!) at The Edinburgh School of Food and Wine


We were most impressed to see what the students made last Saturday with the fantastic fresh rainbow trout, kindly delivered to the School by Dave Pate at Belhaven Smokehouse


The students were on a Fish and Shellfish day at the School, mastering filleting & boning  a selection of different types of  fish, then making some fairly elaborate dishes.  The trio of trout might look fiddly, but actually is fairly easy to replicate at home!    Remember you can buy ready filleted rainbow trout in most retailers, so feel free to skip that bit of the recipe.  Why not have a go, and remember to tweet us your pics of the final dish @british_trout

Trio of Trout, beetroot, horseradish (serves 2)



Crème fraiche

4 Tbsp


1 tbsp.


good pinch





Red wine vinegar


Brown sugar


Red pepper


English mustard

1 tsp.








Firstly, fillet the trout, pin-bone and set aside.  Julienne the beetroot. Dissolve the brown sugar in the vinegar and, when totally dissolved, pour over the beetroot and allow to cool.  For the horseradish cream, mix the desired amount of horseradish with the crème fraiche and season with salt, pepper and a few drops of lemon juice.

For the smoked trout Paté, make sure the trout is rid of bones and break it up into pieces. Add some crème fraiche,  lemon juice, dill, tarragon, parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

For the Tartare, chop the trout and add the mustard, chopped peppers, chopped capers, chopped dill and a squeeze of lime. Add a little rapeseed oil and season to taste. Set aside.

Season and pan sear the fish, as per the demonstration,  finishing with a touch of lemon. Arrange the components on the plate with some leaves and enjoy!