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News stories in the trout world

Top marks!




We are delighted to learn from a survey carried out by The Grocer magazine on consumers thoughts about fish that 83% of those surveyed recognised that ‘good fats and omega-3’ are one of the main health benefits of eating fish.  Well done to all of you who knew this too!


Rainbow trout is classed as an oily fish, and current Government guidelines suggest that we should all be eating at least two portions of fish per week, one of them to be oily fish.


We have some great recipes on our website and for those of you who are worried about kitchen smells or touching the fish (a handful of those surveyed did say this was why they did not eat fish), then here is a great recipe : baked trout with a gremolata crust.  Just pat the topping onto ready prepared fillets (available in most retailers/fishmongers) with a spoon and pop in the oven.  The garlic, citrus and parsley topping will smell delicious as it cooks!




Have you made your fish switch yet?

We are delighted that trout is yet again being incorporated into Sainsbury’s annual Switch the Fish campaign.  Thank you Sainsbury’s.     If you ask for salmon at the fish counter, you will be offered trout instead and  various trout products will be discounted by 20%. If you have not tried trout before, or even if you need a bit of inspiration, why not look at our website,, where we have plenty of recipe ideas from simple grilled trout to more elaborate dishes if you are in the mood to cook something a bit different.    Trout has a delicate sweet flavour so is popular with children and adults alike.  Trout is also classed as an oily fish – high in omega 3 essential fatty acid -and is rich in vitamin D – the ‘sunshine vitamin’ which can help to boost our mood – so plan to eat trout regularly to keep you and all the family in tip top health.