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The Tesco Trout Story

We thought we would share with you a short film that has just been posted to the website of the UK’s largest multiple retailer – Tesco.

Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd, the UK’s largest single trout processor, supply a variety of different trout products to the multiple retailers and recently hosted a visit by Tesco to their site at Loch Etive in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.

Filmed as part in the video clip, Dawnfresh Farming Saltwater Manager, Sean Lydon, notes, “the fresh water [that flows in from River Etive, Inverliver River and the Kinglass] gives a low salinity and with the high-oxygenated water from the fast currents, we get a beautiful fish. From where our harvesting commences in Loch Etive to the fish ending up in the store in Tesco is a journey of two to three days.”  We certainly agree on the beauty and freshness (and taste!) of trout products and if you have not already done so we thoroughly recommend you go in store and ask either at the fish counter or in the chilled section for information of what all trout products are on offer.

You can watch the video clip here:

The video appears on the Tesco website – so why not watch the clip and then shop online  – one of the fastest growing retail sectors in the country.  The website also lists six (quick and easy) delicious trout recipes, so all you need is to follow the link and with a couple of  “clicks” the question of what you have for dinner is resolved.

Our thanks go to those at Dawnfresh and Tesco for sharing this video clip with us, and for providing a further insight into the freshness, product quality and fully traceable supply chain of farmed British trout.

When impressing our visitors, Downing Street trust in trout.

Listening to Archie Orr-Ewing of the Swan Inn, Swinbrook, Oxfordshire on the BBC Today programme this morning, we are delighted to learn that trout has been showcased as premium local British produce during recent high level diplomatic talks.

David Cameron & Francois Hollande arrive at the Swan Inn, Swinbrook (via

Situated in Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency, the Swan Inn (a location shoot for a scene in the fictional Downton Abbey and currently owned by the actual Dowager Duchess of Devonshire) was the chosen destination for a private lunch between our Prime Minister and French President Francois Hollande.  Whilst the exact content of the discussions over the future direction of the EU during lunch remain confidential, we do know what was on the menu.  Following a recce by the French Ambassador the week before – which by all accounts rather gave the game away of who was coming to the staff – the visiting President was served with local produce – including fillet of Bibury Trout Bibury Trout Farm and Fishery is very close to the Swan Inn – and indeed has a fascinating history as one of England’s oldest trout fisheries, hatcheries and farms.

BTA are thrilled to discover instances of our local inns and restaurants serving quality, local British produce, most especially when it is our own trout.  If you are dining out this weekend, don’t forget to look for trout on the menu – and if it is not there – why not ask for it!  And if you prefer to dine at home and are wondering what to serve, then look at what is served in the world of international diplomacy to visiting heads of state – delicious British trout!

The real brain food…

Well, if you needed any more proof of trout’s brain-boosting credentials, look no further than British theoretical physicist Professor Peter Higgs.

This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics – whose 50 year-old theory about the ‘God particle’ (a particle that gives other particles mass) was proven last year – is said to have heard the news last week whilst walking off lunch in his home town of Edinburgh. A pub lunch which consisted of trout and a pint no less!

Clearly Professor Peter Higgs is onto something with his diet. As trout fans will know, as an oily fish, trout is high in omega-3 fatty long chain acids which – according to some studies – may keep your mind sharp long into old age. The good news doesn’t stop there. It’s also rich in vitamin D – aka the sunshine vitamin which so many of us are short of – which is also credited with boosting mental alertness.

Now, we’re not saying that we can win you a Nobel Prize, but as eating a portion of fish twice can certainly keep your mind in tip top shape why not check out our website to try one of easy-to-follow trout recipes?


Pete Evans’s barbecued trout with prosciutto

There is nothing we like more than discovering a new top chef and a great recipe idea.  We are delighted to find this delicious barbecue recipe that was featured by The Times in their “Last days of summer food: 10 best barbecue receipes”.

We think this is the first time we are featuring a recipe from an Australian chef, and by way of background, Pete Evans is “an award-winning australian chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, tv presenter, adventure seeker and father.

Born in Melbourne and raised on Australia’s Gold Coast, Pete Evans is a true blue Australian with a strong passion for fresh food, sur?ng and ?shing. He’s one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle and is dedicated to improving peoples lives through education about nutritional food and wellness.”

Delicious barbecued trout wrapped in prosciutto - image from

So it is no wonder he has chosen to develop this great recipe for healthy barbecued trout, wrapped with prosciutto.  See below for the recipe as featured in the Saturday Times

All we need now is the Indian summer to allow us to keep barbecuing – or perhaps in this case, an Australian summer.

Serves 4

125g butter
4 thyme sprigs
4 rainbow trout, scaled and gutted
20 very fine slices of prosciutto
4 tbsp olive oil
500g pine mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
2 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced
250ml white wine
1 handful of parsley, finely chopped

1 Preheat the barbecue grill to medium. Using half the butter, place a knob of butter inside each trout, then add a thyme sprig and wrap 5 pieces of prosciutto around each fish. Brush with 1 tbsp oil.

2 Cook the fish on the grill for about 4 min on each side, then remove and keep warm.

3 Place a large frying pan on the barbecue, heat the remaining oil until smoking hot.  Add the mushrooms and cook for 2 -3 min, then add garlic and cook for another minute or so.

4 Add the white wine and parsley and reduce the wine by hal, then whisk in the remaining butter.  Season and serve with the trout.

Recipe from Cook With Love by Pete Evans (£20), published by Murdoch Books