Preparing a Trout

When choosing trout look for a bright and sparkling shin with a silvery or golden sheen. Flesh should be firm, elastic to the touch with a fresh sweet smell. The eyes should be bright and not sunken. Look for clean, red gills.

To portion a large gutted trout, first remove the head by cutting behind the gills and frontal fin. To fillet, make an incision near the shoulder and make a clean cut along the backbone.

Continue to cut the flesh away from the ribcage. Work towards the tail, keeping close to the bones.

Lift away the first fillet and repeat the process on the other side to obtain the second fillet.

Trim the belly flap from each fillet.

Carefully remove the pin bones from the fillet using tweezers.

To skin the trout fillets, hold the skin at the tail end down firmly and slide the knife under the skin towards the shoulder.

Divide each fillet into individual portions as required.

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