06/02/12 English Aquaculture Plan

The deadline is looming for industry responses to the Defra facilitated consultation exercise on the English Aquaculture Plan.

Submissions are sought by 8th March on a document that was drawn up by an industry steering group in conjuction with Defra.  BTA have been involved in the process from the start, with David Bassett sitting on the Steering Committee and helping to write the draft document.  BTA will continue to be involved in considering the consultation responses and working with colleagues to see how an actual plan for the strategic and sustainable development of fish and shellfish farming in England might come about.

If you have mislaid your copy of the consultation or are looking for some futher details, visit English Aquaculture Plan for futher information.

Please consider putting in a response to this important piece of work, or contact us at the BTA if you have any ideas that you would like us to take forward on behalf of the industry for consideration.

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